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Technology Consultants

Since the founding of its predecessor in March of 1993, Applied Resource Technology, LLC (ART) incorporated in December of 2005 has been dedicated to solving problems in the environmental field. As Technology Consultants and Systems Integrators, we specialize in the sale and distribution of systems - components  - assemblies utilized in harvesting alternative energy feedstocks, water and wastewater treatment systems, energy management and air purification. We emphasize recycle and reuse of natural resources and utilize new or pre-existing technology for the good of the environment. Our mission is to solve environmental problems, promote greater efficiency in the use of energy, provide clean drinking water and protect women and children from the effects of water born diseases such as typhoid and dysentery in site specific locations.  We utilize “state of the ART” best available technologies which we integrate into modular, cost effective, simple to maintain solutions. Our goal is to contribute to safer living environments, better drinking water and enhanced quality of life for millions of people around the world.  Call and let us put together a conceptual solution to solve your challenge.

"The solution to pollution is not dilution, it's removal."

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We manufacture Oil and Grease and Side Stream Kidney Loop Process Interceptors  to continuously service in ground grease traps and sub-surface holding tanks, holding tanks on board ships or platforms allowing for gray water discharge to POTW or local aquifer in compliance with US Coast Guard Regulations. Ideal for institutions, hotels, resorts, casinos, military shipboard and commissaries.At 56,000 gallons per day, our Model #234 A-Ceptor can be integrated with or replace existing water treatment systems to make them better scalable to required flow rates. Four of our units in parallel can handle a flow rates in excess of 200,000 gallons per day at a fraction of the cost of aerobic fixed sewage treatment plants with a much smaller footprint.  Utilizes a supply pump operating on 240V/3PH or single phase power and features an automatic solids removal conveyor and/or dewatering screens and tertiary polishing of effluent.

Alternative Energy green fuel feedstock harvesting more grease and better grease for biomass or biodiesel.

1)  Alternative Energy, including patented Fats, Oil and Gas (FOG) clarifiers and interceptors.  Biomass community scale anaerobic digesters, and low cost aerobic waste treatment sewage plants for single homes or small towns.

2)  Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems: There is no longer a good reason why women and children worldwide have to die from the effects of water born disease when we have the technology and ability to protect them cost effective protection from typhoid and dysentery or from chemical contaminants in their drinking water.  Please send your contribution today. Please contact us.

3)  Import and Export of manufactured stainless steel four chamber tanks.  We also supply oil skimmers, bulkhead fittings and valves, automation and control equipment, all types of air and water filter elements and energy management equipment and components.

4)  Custom Portable Indoor Air Filters to keep your breathing space free of allergens and dust mites.  

Business Development ... "In a Changing World"

  • We solve problems that contribute to potential global warming or climate change
  • We take a potential polluting product that has to be disposed of and convert it into an eco-friendly green environmentally safe fuel
  • We take nussiance waste and recycle it without adding to the carbon footprint
  • We help communities/municipalities turn waste into an environmentally friendly fuel product

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